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Gain valuable insights and take control of your headaches with Brain Twin. Our data-driven approach empowers you to better understand and manage your symptoms effectively.

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What is Brain Twin

Designed in collaboration with migraine patients and leading headache experts

Brain Twin is designed to streamline headache and medication tracking. Developed in collaboration with Norwegian headache experts and the migraine patient community, it offers a comprehensive solution for managing headaches. Brain Twin not only assists individuals in documenting their headaches but also provides physicians with valuable insights into headache patterns, including trends in migraine occurrence, aura episodes, and the impact of women's menstrual cycles. With Brain Twin, both patients and healthcare providers benefit from a holistic overview of headaches and medication use.

How does it work?

Headaches are tracked on an pain intensity scale from 1 to 10. Log additional details like migraine, aura presence, specific headache location, and menstrual cycle data for women. Both acute and preventive medications can be added from a predefined list, tailored to the medications available in each country. Personalized reminders on the phone ensures timely intake.

Brain Twin provides a comprehensive overview of headache intensity levels, categorizing them as mild, moderate, or severe. It visualizes headache trends, allowing users to understand patterns and correlate them with medication usage. This feature offers valuable insights into headache progression and medication effectiveness, enabling users to make informed decisions regarding their management strategies.