Digital migraine treatment
for improved brain health

We develop a digital treatment for
migraine and headaches

Self-assisted treatment

We develop a remote biofeedback treatment for people with migraines. Biofeedback is an effective treatment but is currently unavailable for the majority. That is why we use a digital therapist on a smartphone and wireless sensors to give you personalized treatment.

The product is currently in development as a medical device.

Digital headache diary

Brain Twin is our digital headache diary for everyone experiencing headaches. This is an important tool in diagnosis and follow-up of headache conditions. Brain Twin is a smartphone app that gives you insight and control.

Brain Twin is currently in beta testing.

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Our advantages


Our solution is research-based and developed at The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, and St.Olavs Hospital since 2015. The innovation was invented by Norway’s leading headache experts.

Deep insight

We utilize AI/ML-based technologies to develop a smart and tailor-made solution for each user. We make prediction models and deliver dessicion support.

Deep insight

We utilize AI/ML-based technologies to develop a smart and tailor-made solution for each user. We make prediction models and deliver decision support.

Experts in neurology and neuropsychology

The invention is based on the team’s deep knowledge within neurology, neuropsychology and brain diseases. We only develop technologies that are scientifically based.

Nordic Brain Tech introduces a complete home-based migraine treatment that empowers users with an affordable treatment option.

Our team

Cathrine Ro Heuch
Cathrine Ro HeuchCEO
Cathrine is the CEO and business developer in Nordic Brain Tech.
Previously worked as business developer in NTNU Technology Transfer. M.Sc. Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, NTNU, M.Sc. Entrepreneurship and Innovation, NTNU.
Marcus Engebretsen
Marcus EngebretsenCTO
Marcus is responsible for the technology development in Nordic Brain Tech. Being a cybernetics developer, Marcus knows how to program robots and program complex systems. Previous experience from Nordic Semiconductor, DNV GL. M.Sc. Cybernetics and Robotics, NTNU and B.Sc. Statistics, NTNU.
Stefan Borg
Stefan BorgAI Lead
Stefan is responsible for new innovations in Nordic Brain Tech. As a data scientist he is lead developer on the AI-programmed technologies in the company. Previous experience from SINTEF Digital, DNV GL. M.Sc. Computer Science, NTNU.
Anker Stubberud
Anker StubberudCMO
Anker is responsible for our medical innovations, together with Alexander and Erling. As a medical doctor with specialization in neurology, migraine and biofeedback, Anker makes sure the latest innovations are incorporated in the technology development. MD, NTNU.
Dr. Alexander Olsen
Dr. Alexander OlsenSenior Medical Advisor
Alexander has more than 10 years of experience in neuroimaging research and treating patients. Alexander ensures evidence-based development and incorporation of important physiological elements. Associate professor at NTNU and Clinical neuropsychologist at St. Olavs hospital
Prof. Erling Tronvik
Prof. Erling TronvikSenior Medical Advisor
Erling is our foremost migraine researcher. With more than 20 years of experience in treating migraine patients, Erling has hands-on knowledge on the field, and he ensures that our products are patient-centric. PhD in neurology, NTNU and Consultant Neurologist, St. Olavs Hospital
Yngve Sommervoll
Yngve SommervollBusiness advisor
Yngve works with on the business development in Nordic Brain Tech through his position as Innovation Manger in NTNU Technology Transfer.
Trond Gifstad
Trond GifstadChairman of the Board
Trond is the Chairman of the Board in Nordic Brain Tech and bring in 15 years experience as business developer. He is currently Head of QA in NTNU Technology Transfer.

About us

Nordic Brain Tech AS is a spin-off company from The Norwegian University of Science and Technology and St.Olavs Hospital in Norway. The company was founded in 2019 to commercialize a research-based intervention for treating migraines by the use of remote biofeedback.

Our goal is to improve brain health, and our ambitions include treating migraines and other neurological diseases by the use of deep learning.

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