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Nordic Brain Tech is looking for talent to strengthen our team's project management, development, and security capabilities. We have identified three profiles but are also interested in candidates who might exhibit a mix of the desired capabilities.

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First profile: Tech-Lead for Brain Twin app and Clinical Dashboard solutions
Brain Twin is a diary app that helps patients track migraines and medication use over time. Brain Twin helps doctors better understand their patients' medical condition, leading to better diagnosis and treatment.

Nordic Brain Tech also offers tailor-made variants of Brain Twin for clinical trials that require patients to track information over time. These offerings link the mobile application with a Clinical Dashboard for the study administrators, allowing them to analyze intermediate data and monitor the study while still being confined to the study constraints (i.e., a double-blind design).

While Brain Twin and the Clinical Dashboard have been tailor-made for clinical trials so far, there is enormous potential in expanding the capabilities of these systems. As a tech lead for Brain Twin and the Dashboard solution you will coordinate and assist all development and design tasks for these systems, and work closely with Nordic Brain Tech's business department to shape their future.

To do so, you must:
  • have successfully led software projects before,
  • be strong in project management (methodologies, communication, planning and strategy) and a competent programmer.
  • work effectively in teams with UX designers, business developers and software engineers.
  • work independently and able to make decisions
  • have strong personal integrity and be ready to take on responsibility for a cornerstone of Nordic Brain Tech's future. 

Bonus traits:
  • Practical experience with React Native is a big plus.
  • Understands Norwegian.
  • Experience with Django, Azure Services or Terraform. 

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Second profile: Security Architect

Nordic Brain Tech processes medical data, so security is of existential importance to the company. You will in practice be responsible for our security posture spanning our entire product line and organization.
As a Security Architect you will be crucial in guaranteeing that we deliver secure products and services and will continue to do so onwards. Eventually you will start and grow a dedicated security team around yourself. 

To do so, you must
  • know how to secure cloud infrastructure (we work with Azure),
  • have taken part in building scalable, secure systems,
  • have worked with sensitive data before,
  • have strong automation skills (esp. Infrastructure-as-Code and Policy-as-Code),
  • have Experience with risk modelling,
  • be decisive and able to prioritize,
  • know yourself and know when to outsource or delegate.

Bonus skills:
  • Experience with risk documentation.
  • Mobile application security knowledge.
  • Knowledge of the ISO 27k family or similar standards. 

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Third profile: Experienced React Native Front-end developer

We need more developers! As a front-end developer in Nordic Brain Tech, you will have to interact with many types of systems, but React, React Native and TypeScript are essential to all company products.

To do so, you must:
  • be strong in React, React Native and TypeScript with a proven record of accomplishment,
  • work effectively with our design team,
  • have experience working in CI/CD-backed development environment,
  • be thorough and like to test your code,
  • have experience working in a public cloud environment and code against APIs,
  • be curious and familiar with distinctive design and code patterns within the React and React Native ecosystems,
  • have experience writing code that satisfies hard real-time constraints,
  • be able to make animations and data visualizations that render at 60 fps.

Big plus:
  • Experience integrating apps with Bluetooth peripherals.
  • Experience working with OAuth 2.0-centered applications.
  • Native mobile application development experience: Java, Kotlin, Swift or Objective C.

Bonus skills:
  • Experience with Python.
  • Experience with Microsoft Azure.
  • Experience with Terraform or other Infrastructure-as-Code frameworks.

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All candidates must have strong verbal and written communication skills in English, be independent and critical thinkers and able to work effectively with people from different professions and backgrounds. 

The benefits we offer

  • A competitive compensation package that includes share options.
  • A lenient work-from-home policy.
  • A vibrant office space in the center of Oslo among other creative and ambitious companies. We have a dedicated office suitable for concentrated work, but there are lots of interesting people to interact with during breaks. There is also free coffee, a solid kitchen and various lunch offerings at a reasonable price.
  • Frequent social after-work events (with low pressure to attend).
  • The chance to greatly influence the culture and direction of the company.
  • Lots of hard technical challenges to fuel your professional growth.
  • All your work will contribute to better treatments for migraine and other brain illnesses, potentially improving the lives of millions.

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