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Completed project funded by EU (DIGI-B-CUBE)

14.7% of the population is affected by migraine, the most common neurological disorder costing EU €50 billion annually. Migraine results in reduced quality of life and limited daily performance in work and social life. There is a pressing need for treatments without side-effects, that are affordable and more accessible than today’s alternatives, which mainly consist of medications associated with limited efficacy and significant side-effects. CEREBRI is a digital treatment for preventing migraine, solving the demand for treatment without negative side-effects. With two wireless sensors and a smartphone app, patients can perform regular biofeedback training that has the potential to reduce migraine frequency by 50%. This enables treatment from the comfort of your own home, and virtual care from a physician, with potential cost savings of ~60% compared to biofeedback given in clinics.In the 5 months project, Nordic Brain Tech, i3tex and Thorgate will make joint advancement in CEREBRI to optimize the treatment software (AI-algorithms) and biosensors (temperature, heart-rate, muscle tension). The development will bring the product closer to TRL 7 and enable verification and prototype manufacturing. Further development includes preparation for mass production, clinical trial and securing the CE-mark prior to product launch in 2023. CEREBRI will significantly increase a migraine patient’s quality of life, reduce costs by 50% to sick leave for businesses and health care providers.
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